Introducing Our New Monitor

Here are Roshambo, we get excited about the little things. Butterflies, rainbows, puppies that are just learning how to walk…you know that kind of thing. But, sometimes we get excited about fun new toys. Who are we kidding?! We love new toys better than rainbows! Yay for toys! But, this isn’t a fidget spinner…this is something else! And it’s very exciting! We’re very excited to tell you about our new 19″ monitor at Roshambo Films. Sure, you might be thinking to yourself, “Hey Roshambo,” monitors aren’t that exciting…Well this is one exciting monitor. It is truly state of the art technology and we are one of the very first companies to get our hands on this puppy. (See what we did there?) Have you ever been on set and just stared at the monitor and it just felt really flat?! Well, that’s because it is flat. Most of the time, production companies shoot in a raw format. That means that you have tons of room in post production with the contrast and latitude to make the color correction amazing. Well this has it built in. That’s right. You can actually color correct on the set in real time using a touch screen with the monitor! You can see what the color corrected version will really look like before you get to post production. We told you it was exciting! It has 4K technology and is able to do real time HDR and also gives you the ability to view 4 cameras at the same time…Plus do live switching! Pretty cool! Check out the video to see more!