Original content creation for Television and Film,
branding, and new evolving emerging media.

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Roshambo Films is a nationally recognized full service Production Company. With a passion for shaping creative products and providing superb customer service, Roshambo specializes in the creation of original content for Television and Film, branding, and new evolving emerging media.

Roshambo Films is a firm believer in Creative Collaboration. We partner with content providers, national advertising agencies and corporations providing a full spectrum of services. Roshambo Films works with our clientele from
Pre-Production including conception and idea generation, script writing, storyboarding, casting, and talent selection

We supervise all Post Production including AVID, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro color correction, on-line finish and sound to ensure our client’s goals are brought to life seamlessly. Our strategic and innovative approach to film making is unparalleled.

In our constant effort to meet client needs, Roshambo Films offers our clients the very best and latest cinematic equipment. We work with the very latest 4K to 8K camera technologies including RED, ARRI and our own Canon Cameras. We use these camera combined with out optically stunning high end Cinema prime and zoom lenses help us make your vision a reality. Our massive energy efficient LED lighting package can illuminate huge areas providing stunning results and contributes to our commitment of sustainability. Our Drones, Steadicams, MoVI’s, Ronin’s and Motion Control 6 Foot Cameras Sliders for time lapse, make any shot possible. At Roshambo we highly value our cutting edge technology and love nothing more than talking about it, so don’t hesitate to ask.

At Roshambo we hand select nationally recognized and experienced crew members on a per project basis to ensure a highly polished finished product. When you work with us you will experience unprecedented project management from beginning to end. Our industry partnerships run deep throughout the country. Our efficiency, creative thinking, and follow through make us a true collaborative partner. Roshambo will always be an advocate for your creative product.

Our passion and dedication to our craft is infectious. Our director Jim Elkin does whatever it takes to drive performances across a broad spectrum of genres – Jim thrives behind the camera creating visual joy within any budget. Known for our flexibility and creative brainstorming, Roshambo Films is able to deliver creative masterpieces at many different price points.
We would love to meet with you to play a little rock, paper, scissors and bounce some creative ideas around.

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